The Brendan Ingle Foundation was set up to address the needs of the socially excluded and those at risk of becoming socially marginalised by pursing the following objectives.

  • Promoting social inclusion
  • Realising the needs of the socially excluded
  • Helping the socially excluded reintegrate into society through sport, mentoring and education.

Brendan spent his adult life making bad kids good, and good kids into better kids so society would be better for everyone. The Brendan Ingle Foundation is creating opportunity and togetherness through various local projects. We strive to build a safer, kinder and bigger community that everyone will benefit from.

Ingle Boxing

For over four decades Brendan Ingle MBE and the Ingle Gym have been training, managing and guiding.

Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham, Ryan Rhodes, Johnny Nelson, Prince Naseem Hamed, Junior Witter and Kell Brook are all synonymous with the gym and all learnt their trade in the classic, raw and no-nonsense surroundings of a converted church hall.

Since 1964 iron girders have watched over, while holding rows of heavybags for the fighters to train as the gym has forged champions.

A rough, worn wooden floor; rattled and splintered with dust collecting in nearby corners, but still showing lines and circles; dictating how footwork taught in the gym should be maintained and mastered.

Two speedbags hinged on the walls and a ring standing alone at the end of the hall, where it has been since the beginning.

Medicine balls and iron bars used to anchor feet to sit up and strengthen abdominals.

Bars attached to the iron girders above the gym serve for pull ups, while metal rings on the wall are hinged for holding drinks.

No set cardiovascular area; members skip, step up, run laps of the hall or use Newman Road itself where the gym is based.

A changing room, a few old lockers, showers, toilets and the door in and out. Radiators turned on in the winter and side doors opened in summer.

No air conditioning, treadmills or hand bikes but everything a fighter needs and requires to train.


Dr Jo Maher’s Story: The Importance of Physical Activity

I am Dr Jo Maher, I’ve been a GP at Wincobank Medical Centre for 17 years, initially as a salaried doctor and for the past 5 years as a partner of the practice. In addition I teach undergraduates at Sheffield Medical School & supervise junior doctors. I live with my partner Chris & our 3 boys aged 9,13 &15 years. I’ve been in Sheffield since 1992 when I came as a student. I am the first woman in my family to go to Uni & the only Doctor. Sheffield is a bit like my home town of Bristol with a good music & a strong cultural scene. As I have found out in the past 9 years it’s also a great place to be active. My Dad died in 2011 and I was very close to him. He used to cycle to work each day at Bristol University. Thinking about him & having young active 3 boys got me thinking, how am I going to keep myself fit as well as being a Mum & having a career? So I decided to start cycling to work, just like my dad had done for 40 years. I borrowed a Cycleboost (now called Pedalready) bike and managed my 5 mile commute once or twice a week. I tried running for the first time using the NHS couch to 5k app in 2014 and it took me 18 months to get to the end of the 9 week program! I found it hard to motivate myself without the support of a group. I didn’t feel confident to go out with friends who already ran as I didn’t see myself as a runner then. I only occasionally went running until 2017 when I took my boys to Graves Junior Park Run, after taking about it to one of my colleagues who said we should give it a try. I volunteered and really enjoyed watching the triumph the kids felt for taking part. I then tried Park Run myself and felt a great sense of achievement too. In 2018, my partner Chris told me he was teaching someone I might have heard of, as she had strong links to the Wincobank community. Chris teaches Creative Writing at Hallam Uni & someone called Bridget Ingle was taking the MA course as she wanted to write her Dad- Brendan’s -memoir. The Medical Centre was doing some work with Dementia UK to become the first GP surgery in Sheffield to be recognised as Dementia Friendly. I asked Chris if he would ask Bridget if it would be okay to pass on her email to me, as I wondered if she knew about what was happening in the area for people living with dementia… Little did I know where this would lead! Happily Bridget said yes and we bounced emails backwards and forwards and realised we had similar ideas about the potential for improving what was available to people in the Wincobank area, not just for dementia but for physical activity generally. We met up for the first time in the autumn of 2018, just weeks after Brendan had died. Bridget & Tara had an idea to set up a women’s running group and asked me if I could support & take part. I immediately said yes- I knew how hard it was to run on your own and find the confidence to take part in Park Run. I also plucked up the courage to join my mum friends, but was struggling to fit running into my schedule regularly. For years I saw women and men come to me at the practice with health problems that I knew would improve with a chance to exercise. I also knew they were also struggling to juggle busy lives and look after themselves at the same time, just like me. It was great to talk about Ingle Runners and Concord ParkRun. In 2018 Wincobank MC signed up to become a Parkrun practice and several of the nursing staff & doctors took part. I got to know Angela the Run Director at Concord. I now felt confident to describe myself as a runner and I wanted other people to feel the sense of achievement I feel. As a result of my involvement with Ingle Runners and Concord Parkrun I was asked this summer to take on a professional role for the Sheffield physical activity strategy, Move More. Move More is about communities and involving the whole city in opportunities to be active. Meetings are held with council and hospital managers as well as community services. I believed I had something to offer from my personal as well as professional experience & to make sure what Bridget & Tara have shown me was shared with as many people as possible. I felt strongly that a female voice was needed, from someone who had seen the challenges that normal people face and learnt how these can be overcome. In 2019 I completed my first race, the Round Sheffield Run & did my first 10k race in October, the TenTenTen. I also borrowed another bike from Pedalready, this time an electric one. After this I bought an e-bike and now cycle to work regularly. I’ve done 1,150miles on it since April! It’s a lot easier than a push bike, especially up big hills. I use it to get to and from work and sometimes use it for home visits. Looking back I can’t believe how much my life has changed for the better since getting involved with biking and then running. It is the running that has given me most confidence & opened my eyes to what is possible when people work together. Both give me great satisfaction. I’ve met so many amazing people & feel so much more connected with the Wincobank community since becoming an Ingle Runner!

Lee’s Inspiring Story: Ingle Runners

I’m Lee and my journey with running began in my teenage years when I started taking part in cross country at school. I found that running long distance came easily and I began to excel at this particular discipline. From this I then went on to run for the school, spending some of my weekends running around Graves Park. I developed a love for running which in turn led to a six month stint with the Hallamshire Harriers. However, like a lot of teenagers other factors came into play such as girls and nights out with my mates. Running fell by the wayside, except for getting me out of a few sticky situations!! Then at sixteen my running ambitions hit another hurdle. I started to struggle with my health and was diagnosed with Crohns Disease which can be a debilitating and life restricting inflammatory bowel disease. The disease also left me with osteoporosis. This led to long spells in hospital over a two year period, resulting in major surgery, having my large bowel removed and a permanent ileostomy bag fitted. Although this was a life changing decision it gave me my quality of life back and has never held me back. I went on to secure employment, meet my partner Lex and settled down in my own home. Life was busy and so I only flirted with the idea of getting back into running and improving my overall fitness. Running was something I was always thinking about and was always going to do but time kept ticking by. Then in 2017 I began to face my next battle. After having a few problems with my shoulder and hand I was sent by my GP for further exploratory tests. While this was ongoing my partner was facing her own physical and mental health challenges. Her struggle with mental health began to escalate and accessing the appropriate support became even more challenging. In March 2018 my test results were back. It wasn’t good news. I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease and the test also highlighted an aortic root aneurysm. My life changed again overnight.  Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects dopamine levels in the brain which can impact on an individual’s movement, speech, balance, memory, sleep and emotional wellbeing to name a few. However, each person’s experience of Parkinson’s Disease is individual to them. At this point I am in the early stages of my diagnosis and treatment. If you met me in the street you probably wouldn’t know I had Parkinson’s Disease. Although the movement side of the disease is minimal my diagnosis has had an impact on my mental health. Then the unthinkable happened and Lex’s mental health began to deteriorate, ultimately impacting on her physical health and leading to her sadly passing away. The combination of my diagnosis and losing my partner of 22 years has affected my mental health and at times it has been a struggle. Despite my struggles with my health the one thing that kept coming up in relation to Parkinson’s Disease and mental health was the positive impact of exercise. This naturally brought me back to running. Getting out and starting to run again gave me focus and has been a big help with my mental health. After doing a few Park Runs I heard about a local running group near where I live, The Ingle Runners. So I decided to give it a go and joined the men’s group. Although it had been a few years since I had ran regularly the team at Ingle Runners are very welcoming and supportive and have put me at ease. The running club is for all abilities and it doesn’t matter what stage you are at in respect of your running journey, anyone can join in. Despite all the health challenges I have faced throughout my life I am getting out there and running again. I cannot emphasise enough the positive effect that joining the club has had on my mental health. It has reopened my social life, got me out of the house and stopped me climbing the walls. It’s restored my motivation and my fighting spirit not to give in. So would I recommend Ingle Runners you ask……….you bet I would!!!

Bring On 2020!

Well what a year for the Brendan Ingle Foundation! As the year draws to a close and a new one begins TOMORROW, we are reflecting on all of the great things that have happened in the last twelve months. All aspects of the foundation have been busy, and increasingly so as the year has progressed. First of all we opened the doors to a couple of new members of staff and associates, enabling the foundation to grow and evolve for bigger and more ambitious projects. We also welcomed back former Professional Boxer and Amatuer National Champion Amer Killa Khan as a Boxing Project Coach for the Brendan Ingle Foundation. Killa was already working closely with the professional boxers but now works along side the school sessions. It’s been an incredibly productive time seeing many projects come into fruition, in fact too many things to list them all here. We can start by mentioning the successful launch of the Holiday Summer Camp in the gym which started in July. This was a mixture of fundamental movement, from boxing to gymnastics to team sports, offering something for the youths in the area to explore over the summer holidays. Watch this space for future school holiday camps. There was a change in the weekly sessions in the Ingle Boxing Gym, we added two new adult only boxing classes to the schedule, as well as a women only session, making the sport more inclusive and accessible to anyone interested. The Ingle Runners have grown in numbers, strength and stamina every single week, and Wayne even started up the Ingle Runners Mens session. It would seem the sky is the limit for our runners. It’s been a pleasure for the leaders to see so many inspirational people getting involved and taking control of their health and fitness, building a bigger and safer community in Wincobank. We continue to work closely with Hinde house Secondary School on a number of different year groups and mixture of sessions. Our Brendan Ingle Scholars from Year 7 through to Year 11 achieved their Bronze awards, and many of these boxers showing huge potential! Next term they will be working towards their Silver Awards. From an education perspective, we continue to mentor another group of pupils from the same school, focused more on skills outside of physical activity, and building good foundations for life post school education. With thanks to Rachel at RMC Dance Academy we have been able to deliver classes in boxing and dance at Concord Primary. Finally we have seen a huge shift of improvement and drive within the Ingle Boxing Academy, the amatuers have shown heart and dedication in their training and the season isn’t over yet! Thanks again to the coaches for keeping the wheels turning and the focus sharp. We look forward to continuing the projects already in place, to see the progress and development of all involved, and for the exciting things in the pipeline which we can’t wait to reveal. We are grateful for all of the support for the work in Brendan’s name. Wishing you all a very happy and proactive New Year… See you in 2020!


Newman Road
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